La Matemática en la facultad de ciencias exactas y naturales de la Universidad de Buenos Aires en el periodo 1865-1930

Santaló, Lluís
The History of the Mathematical Studies in the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires from 1865 to 1930 is divided into four parts: a) 1865-1885. In this initial period the mathematics are in the hands of the Italian Speluzzi and Rosetti who are the first in giving courses of higher mathematics. b) I885-I90O. There is a first flowering of the Argentinian mathematics, due mainly to the work of Valentin Bolbin. c) 1900-1917. Grows the knowledge of advanced topics in mathematics, but, the research work is not taken into account. d) 1917-1930. Arrives to Argentina the Spanish Rey Pastor and begins the research Work ​
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